An award-winner choreographer
a radical & perpetual innovator…

Photo ©Lois Greenfield

Stephanie Skura has been creating movement-based performances for over 30 years, and is an inaugural "Bessie" New York Dance & Performance Award winner.

She choreographed for and with her own New York-based, then Seattle-based touring company for 15 years. She currently works independently with various companies and soloists.

Much of her work is collaborative, integrating dance with video, text, theater, visual art, and music. She has pioneered a process of working collaboratively with performers, involving them in discovery, development, and aesthetic ownership of the material -- resulting in powerful, transformative performance experiences.

For several years, she has integrated poetic text, movement and theater. She was Associate Artistic Director of The Gravity Project, an integrative movement theater company affiliated with Juniata College in Pennsylvania, 2004-10. (

Some companies that have commissioned her work: Container12 in Italy, Ballet Theatre of Canada, Moving Current of Florida, Zenon of Minneapolis, Toronto Dance Theatre, D-9 Dance Collective of Seattle.

Solo artists who have commissioned her work: Manuela Bondavalli, Paige Barnes, Jessica Runge, Julie Mayo, Linda Johnson, and Dale Andree.


Selected Works

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Surreptitious Preparations for an Impossible Total Act (2016-17)

Sacrilege is Needed. Competency is Hell. (2012-13)

Noir Noir Noir (2013)

Two Huts (2010-12)

Prima Fila (2011)

Ruins Memories (2010)

The Corduroy Prayer (2009)

Cranky Destroyers (1987-91)

The Albino Turk (2007)

Warehouse (2006)

Q & A (2005-07)

If Katie Does It (2007)

Small Awkward Event (2006)

Present Tense (2006)

A Fashion Show (1997 - 2003)

Soliloquy in a Bathroom Stall (1997)

Delicacy (1996)

Homesteading for Dinosaurs (1996)

Solos for Other Choreographers (1996)

Tiny & Overexposed (1996)

Lush Rites (1995)

Lush Riots (1992)

After She Squawks (1992)

The Bad Play (1991)

Big Waves (1989)

Fantasy World of Bernard Herrmann (1988-9)

Travelog (1986)

Going Off (1987)

Dead Dogs (1987)

Stopstartswat (1987)

Chase Scene (1984)

Survey of Styles (1984)

Survey of Forms (1984)

Artbusiness (1984)

Climbing the Waltz

Quack Pianist (1982)

Some Kind of Dance (1982)

It's Either Now or Later (1982)

Boy Meets Girl (1981)