Video Gallery

Surreptitious Preparations for an Impossible Total Act (2016,17)

Full length video, Roulette, NY, 2017: 1'08"
Seven age-embracing wizardly improvisors directed by Skura. Oxymoronic scores. Anti-fascistic dance. More on Surreptitious Preparations for an Impossible Total Act.


Two Huts (2011-12)

Highlight Reel, Seattle & NY, 2012 (7 1/2 min)

Seattle showing, Feb 2012, Part One, 37'

Seattle showing, Feb 2012, Part Two, 34'

New York performances, March 2012, Part One, 36'

New York performances, March 2012, Part Two, 37'

Radically imagistic, vocally athletic movement theater work about two women living side by side in alternate universes, framed by two reflective men.

Created at Juniata College, & further developed with Debra Wanner, Tom Cayler & Todd Jefferson Moore. Performed in Seattle at Open Flight Studio, & in Brooklyn, NY at Roulette. More on Two Huts.


Ruins Memories video (2010)

Excerpts, 5'40"
Site-specific performance made in Roman ruins of ancient houses in Brescia, Italy. About fragmentation, memory, & ghosts. Most exciting site I've ever worked in! A collaboration with Manuela Bondavalli, commissioned by Container12 Festival. More on Ruins Memories.

The Corduroy Prayer video (2009)

Three excerpts, 5'40"
75-minute theater-poetry-dance based on 11 of the 36 classic 'dramatic situations': Supplication, Enigma, Fatal Imprudence, Crimes of Love, Remorse, Erroneous Judgment, Madness, Disaster, Conflict with the Gods, Daring Enterprise, and An Enemy Loved. With an athletic approach to the voice, image-laden language, and movement as set changes for each scene. Featuring three parallel universes. Performed by Juniata College theater students at Halbritter Center, Huntingdon, PA.


A Fashion Show full-length video, 32 min (1997-2003)

A collaboration with innovative sculptor Claudia Fitch, this work tampers with the formalities & theatrics of models on the runway. Performed in Seattle at U of WA, Dance on Capitol Hill, Broadway Performance Hall, Bumbershoot, & Seattle Festival of Dance & Improvisation.  Commissioned & performed by Cornish Dance theater in 1999.
More on A Fashion Show


Chase Scene video (1984)

Excerpt: Ladder Dance, 5'3"

Full-length work, 43'

Collaboration with video artist Terry Moyemont, and with actor Tom Cayler. Live and pre-recorded video intertwines with performance. About relationship between cameraperson and performer. And how juxtaposition of performers and pictures invokes memory, time and death. And about human responses to technology.

"I am in love with the ladder piece. I watched it time and time again. So beautifully plotted and executed. A journey for the mind in movement medium." Mary Overlie, creator of Viewpoints

Performed worldwide at Danspace Project, NYC, Hallwalls in Buffalo, NY; Pyramid Art Center, Rochester, NY; University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana; American Center in Paris; Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, Wales, and a UK/France tour at The Place in London; Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol; University of Warwick; Midland Group, Nottingham; Arts Centre, Hexham. More on Chase Scene.


Delicacy video (1996)

Excerpt: 2'53"

A collaboration by Skura & performers Lionel Popkin & John Dixon. Two naked men covered head-to-toe with wet paint -- primary yellow & primary blue -- have a brief encounter, & proceed on their diagonal paths, leaving colored pathways on the floor & green patterns on each other. Performed at Seattle's Freehold Theater. More on Delicacy.

Fantasy World of Bernard Herrmann video (1988-89) 34"

Version 1 & Version 2 (beginning at 34")

35-minute dance for six set to 1950's science fiction & romantic music by ground-breaking film composer Bernard Herrmann. About artifice and the infiltration of film cliches into our lives. Includes numerous brief exact replicas of press photo stills from films of the 1950's, 60's, & 70's. More on Herrmann


Cranky Destroyers (1987)

First Movement video, 8'

Second Movement video,10'

Third Movement video 14'16"

33 min. high-energy dance for six set in unlikely ways to Beethoven's Symphony #5. About a society of strong individuals moving forward together. Choreographed with & for its original cast: Benoit Lechambre, Brian Moran, David Rousseve, Margery Segal, Stephanie Skura, & Debra Wanner. With costumes by Baltimore phenomenon Laure Drogoul & lighting by ML Geiger.

Premiered at P.S. 122, NYC. Performed worldwide, including Lincoln Center, BAM Opera House, Pepsico Summerfare, Central Park Summerstage, Joyce Theater, NY; Intermedia Arts Center, Huntington, NY; Group Motion, PA; MoMing Arts Center, Chicago; Casa de Serralves, Porto & Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon in Portugal; Tanz '90 at Secession Theater, Vienna; Petofi Csarnok, Budapest; Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival; Bates College, ME; Bagley-Wright Theater, Seattle. Commissioned & performed by D-9 Dance Co. of Seattle, 1994-95. More on Cranky Destroyers.

Stopstartswat (1987)

Excerpt video 2'

Full length video 11'

Duet created & performed by Stephanie & composer Jim Pugliese. Premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, 1987; also repsented by Jacob's Pillow & Swarthmore College.. Video by Dennis Diamond.




Artbusiness (1984)

Full-length video: 38"

Bessie award-winning work about the politics of performance. Commissioned for "Art & Social Commentary" series at P.S. 1 in Queens, NY, 1984. Conceived & directed by Stephanie Skura. Created in collaboration with the cast: Lenora Champagne, Nina Martin, Mark Russell, Skura, & David White. More on Artbusiness.

Survey of Styles (1984-5)

Full-length video: 1 hour

About dance styles & personal movement styles. Created in collaboration with performers Adrienne Altenhaus, Tom Cayler, Susan Seizer, Debra Wanner, and Ain Gordon. Embedded within is the lovingly parodic collaboration with Lisa Kraus, Survey of Forms. Music compositon & sound design by Guy Sherman. More on Survey of Styles

Climbing the Waltz (1984)

Full-length video: 30"

About watching, being seen, marking, warming up, imitating each other, moving video-like forward/backward & freezing, our relationship to humor, unsuccessful joke-telling, & more. Created in collaboration with performers Fred Holland, Lisa Kraus, Yvonne Meier, & me. More on Climbing the Waltz

Boy Meets Girl (1983)

Excerpt: 10"

Inspired by something Hitchcock scribbled in the middle of the night. It's about the little double-edged things that happen between a man and a woman. Conceived & directed by Stephanie Skura, created in collaboration with co-performer Ishmael Houston-Jones, & then with Brian Moran. More on Boy Meets Girl

Travelog (1986)

Video Excerpt: Spam Island, 1'17"

Intentionally tacky 'commercial' rudely interrupting this performance-with-video. About traveling & the experiences, dreams, emotions, anxieties, & revelations that traveling elicits.

Performed at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; Santa Barbara Museum of Art; New Performance Gallery, San Francisco; Pyramid Art Center, Rochester, NY; Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY. More on Travelog.


Some Kind of Dance, Part One (1982), 16'

Evening-length solo created & performed by Skura, consisting of 9 beginnings, 6 middles, and 5 ends. Video version of Part One (the beginnings) is by Alex Roshuk (RIP) & Skura. More on Some Kind of Dance


Quack Pianist (1979-84)

Roof, San Francisco Art Institute video 9'27"
Piano moving by Ed Gong, Part 1 video, 7'53"
Piano moving by Ed Gong, Part 2 video, 9'27"
A dance-music performance about a life-long relationship with the piano, featuring manual electronic music.

Performed in NYC in various permutations at The Kitchen, WOW Festival, Ear Inn, Cunningham Studio, Club 57, Theater for the New City, NYU Guest Artist Series, Stonybrook College Experimental Theater Festival, 20 N Moore Studio, Charlemagne Palestine's Studio, and in many video adaptations by Terry Moyemont. More on Quack Pianist.