Survey of Styles (1985)

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About dance styles & personal movement styles, & whether dance is a fascistic art form. About directing & following orders & fighting with your sister while loving her. About learning & imitating. Created in collaboration with fellow performers Adrienne Altenhaus, Tom Cayler, Susan Seizer, Debra Wanner, and Ain Gordon.

Embedded within is the lovingly parodic collaboration with Lisa Kraus, Survey of Forms.

Music compositon & sound design by Guy Sherman. Commissioned by and premiered at Dance Theater Workshop.


Photo by Paula Court

Survey of Forms was also performed at PS 122, American Center, Paris; The Place, London; Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales; Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol; University of Warwick; Midland Group, Nottingham; Arts Centre, Hexham; St. Donates Arts Centre, Llanwit Major, in the UK.

Full-length Video(1 hour)

Lethally funny…outrageously amusing…Thanks to Stephanie Skura and a band of merry pranksters, dance was destroyed last night…Ms Skura made dance seem inherently preposterous. Nevertheless, she appeared to love its follies and because she pointed them out so deftly, she may be something of a dance critic as well as a choreographer. “ Jack Anderson, New York Times