Stephanie is a skilled one-on-one coach for performers at all levels, performance-makers at all stages of creation, & teachers of improvisation, creative process, Open Source Forms, & Skinner Releasing.

Performer Coaching

Stephanie gets in touch with a performer's needs in order to be grounded & free in performance presence. Often this involves intuiting a 'gateway' - a technical or physical awareness - that allows the performer to tap into a fuller range of possibilities. Focused time to find & practice an individual or group's particular gateways to availability can greatly enhance both solo & group performance processes.

Performance-Maker Coaching

Though there is a dramaturgical tradition in theater - someone the director can turn to for brainstorming & advice - there's often a great need for this in dance and performance-making.

Stephanie uncovers a performance-maker's intentions, & helps fulfill them. Her aim is to do this in the most appropriate way for the project & the artist, without necessarily imposing her own methods or aesthetics. This might involve a suggested method for finding movement or textural underpinnings for body &/or voice. It might involve finding structural concepts that carry the through-line in an organic & exciting way. Often, finding movement & textural keys can activate structural & design ideas.

Both for performers & performance-makers, these sessions can have remarkable effect in the course of one to several sessions.


Pedagogical Consultation

Consultations in person or via skype or phone, for teachers embarking on creating teaching syllabi for improvisation, performance-making, Open Source Forms, &/or Skinner Releasing.

For information on fees, contact Stephanie at stephskura(at)

"I really value and appreciate Stephanie's work - I find it so nourishing, and deeply inspiring. I learn so much when working with her, particularly around connecting with our innate senses of structure, form, composition, relationship and creativity. Truly wonderful information and support of my practice as a performance-maker. Informative, inspiring, moving, many significant experiences. I witness and appreciate such clarity in Stephanie's responses, which I feel direct one's curiosity and attention to ways to develop and grow work. My studies with her have been so influential on my practice." Joe Moran, Performer & Choreographer, London