Private Sessions

One-on-one customized sessions, adjusted to individual needs, draw from aspects of Open Source Forms, Skinner Releasing Technique & other mind/body tools culled from a lifetime of immersion in movement, natural healing & creative process.

With gentle hands-on work & specific imagery for simple movements, we'll practice methods that help you move efficiently & effortlessly through your daily activities. If desired, we'll create a personalized maintenance program. If you already have a daily routine, we'll practice moving through it in the most efficient, effortless, & optimally aligned manner.

The practice of Open Source Forms lengthens & suspends the body, a realignment process that brings proportion, balance, energy, flexibility, strength, and even spontaneity! It tends to relax the mind & catalyze ideas & creative process.

Hour-long sessions take place in your home or in our Auburn studio, and are arranged singly or in series.

Please contact Stephanie at stephskura(at) for fees and more information.