Delicacy (1996)

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A collaboration by Skura & performers Lionel Popkin & John Dixon. Two naked men are each covered head-to-toe with wet paint. One is primary yellow & the other primary blue. They move with delicacy -- as they interpret that word -- on a diagonal path toward each other. They have a brief encounter involving touch, and then proceed on their diagonal paths, leaving colored pathways on the floor & green patterns on each other.

Performed at Freehold Theater in Seattle, with lights by Ben Geffen.

Video Excerpt

"Delicacy aptly describes a quality of dancing whose foundation is complete strength. The whole giant metaphor of the evening was crowned poignantly by 'Delicacy', a duet for Lionel Popkin & John Dixon in which, soaked in yellow & blue body paint, respectively, and separated at opposite corners of the stage, the two men made their way to each other, passed, & continued their journey. Moth wing patterns marked Popkin's path to Dixon along the floor, & the effect of their contact was made profound by the beautiful green impressions left on each each, as the ooze & lap of paint on skin made them seem more than naked. Skura expertly concluded a thoughtful & moving concert." Chris Kaufman, Seattle Weekly