Climbing the Waltz (1984)



About watching, being seen, marking, warming up, imitating each other, moving video-like forward/backward & freezing, our relationship to humor, unsuccessful joke-telling, & the possiblities of the rising & falling proscenium theater curtain.

Conceived & directed by Stephanie Skura, created in collaboration with the performers: Fred Holland, Lisa Kraus, Yvonne Meier, Stephanie Skura. Music composed by Frank McCarty. Commissioned by American Dance Festival's Young Choreographers & Composers Program.

Performed at The American Dance Festiva, Durham, North Carollna

Full-length video (30 min)

[Re Stephanie's solo at the end] "So refreshing to see the mind move through beauty, absurdity & virtuosity in a seamles way...I love the fluid shaping, & gesture estending into full-body physicality." Marija Krtolica

"Your choreography reminds me of Trio A by Yvonne Rainer." Yoshiko Chuma

"Wow. High praise. I'm honored. Maybe something to do with flux, with the rhythm of thought, with free association & a kind oif detachment from obligation of linear follow-thru?" Stephanie Skura