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We are all coming to you because of our interests in Skinner Releasing and more importantly for your ideas, philosophy, your new discoveries, new forms, etc. Yvonne Ng, Certified OSF teacher, Choreographer/Performer/Director, Artistic Director of Tiger Princess Dance Projects & Series 8:08,Toronto

I have been changed by the time spent with all of you. Practice is refreshed and exploded open. Stephanie, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be part of OSF. Julie Nathanielz, certified SRT Teacher, Dancer, Choreographer, Austin, TX

The days we shared in Huntingdon resonate strongly through my body and my thoughts. Thanks again so much for this incredible time. Bettina Neuhaus, certified SRT teacher, Choreographer, Performer, Amsterdam

The OSF training and certification process supported and deepened how I was already working in education and creatively. It's a system that doesn't muddle or interfere, instead it brings awareness to, nourishes and enhances what is already happening. I consistently experience that OSF both grounds and liberates my teaching and my creative process. Amanda Hamp, certified OSF Teacher, Choreographer, Dance Faculty, Luther College, Iowa

Just the idea of getting to dive into the deeper pedagogical layers while interacting with the brilliance of your own related! John Dixon, OSF faculty, Choreographer, Dance Faculty, East Carolina University

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