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It's a joy to be doing this work. It's challenging, informative, & provides both sanity & expansion in our busy lives. OSF has been so many things, & done so much, for me. The people practicing it here are truly experiencing and changing. It's powerful! I feel really lucky. I'm so grateful for the timing, serendipitous things, and most importantly your invitation, that led me to do the training. Amanda Hamp, certified OSF Teacher, Choreographer, Dance Faculty, Luther College, Iowa

This work is unbelievable. It's opening new universes for me, in my body and in my understanding -- as powerful as you have described -- & new realms of imagining how we can more deeply fold this into our program. Andy Belser, Certified OSF Teacher, Theater Director, former Head of Theater at Juniata College, PA, & at University of North Carolina at Wilmington, current Professor at Pennsylvania State University Theater School of Theatre

I can't say enough about how inspiring it's been for me. I just gave two five day workshops using OSF as the main container for my teaching practice. The experience, in both cases has been extremely rewarding. I knew at the time of graduating that the training program had given me a new boost of confidence in my teaching practice, but the significance of that confidence and the richness of its rewards didn't begin to become fully apparent until I put the work into practice. I've felt consistently blessed and moved both by what the training has allowed me to share with participants and how they've responded to the work. By tapping into the essential concepts offered in OSF training I've been able to revisit aspects of my teaching with a new perspective, a strong intuitive wisdom, and tools to create a fertile and welcoming environment for participants to tap into their creativity in new and rewarding ways, at their own pace. I feel privileged and energized by the experience, and am inspired by what feels like the boundless possibility for continued discovery in the process of teaching itself.

I am grateful to all those who played a role in my certification training, including my fellow graduates, from whom I learned perhaps the most through our shared experimentation. I am so very grateful to you, for your generosity, wisdom and guidance in this process. This training is invaluable. Susanna Hood, Certified OSF Teacher, Choreographer/Performer/Vocalist, Artistic Director of hum interdisciplinary performing arts company, Toronto

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