Comments from Professional Teachers, Performers & Choreographers

“Stephanie is one of the most inspired & inspiring teachers I've studied with. She is a singular teacher whose wisdom and breadth of experience are a gift to those interested in expanding their perception of movement, where it comes from, and how it can trigger deep creativity on numerous levels.”    Juliette Mapp, Choreographer & Teacher, NYC

“The most inspiring teacher of movement-based creative process I know.” Alex Crowe, UK Teacher/Choreographer

"Stephanie has created a precise, playful, soulful progression of classes which encourage and support the whole self to be engaged in its own individual creative process. " Pamela Knowles, Jazz Singer, Actress, NYC

"I had such a fabulous time dancing, and felt so open and alive after each class." Eva Karczag, Teacher & Choreographer, The Netherlands

"Stephanie has been one of the most important influences in my dance career. She has amazing improvisation, performance and composition skills, which she shared with me throughout several years, permitting me to engage into what has become my ongoing process. She is also a highly qualified Skinner Releasing teacher and practitioner. She's one of the most important elements of what has taken me into the process I have been involved in through the last two decades." Benoit Lachambre, Choreographer, Teacher, former company member, Montreal

"One of my most fruitful times exploring dance was the time I spent dancing in your company. You instigated a no-holds-barred adventure for me in terms of what the body can or is allowed to express. I used to watch you perform and I felt 'WOW! I need some of whatever that is she is doing and thinking about. Movement is here and then gone'... ephemeral, yet it carries evolutionary elements that transform us if we let them. I sense you sense that, and can instigate this experience for others. Your teaching gives movers a safe arena for subtle, risk-taking, imagistic movement exploration. This ultimately is the gift of more of themselves." Debra Wanner, Choreographer, Teacher, Professional Dancer, former company member, New York, NY

"I really value and appreciate Stephanie's work - I find it so nourishing, and deeply inspiring. I learn so much when working with her, particularly around connecting with our innate senses of structure, form, composition, relationship and creativity. Truly wonderful information and support of my practice as a performance-maker. Informative, inspiring, moving, many significant experiences. I witness and appreciate such clarity in Stephanie's responses, which I feel direct one's curiosity and attention to ways to develop and grow work. My studies with her have been so influential on my practice." Joe Moran, Performer, Choreographer, Teacher, London

"I attended what has turned out to be a life-changing experience. The course exceeded all expectations and a particular highlight was Stephanie Skura's 'Finding Forms' module: From the moment we started until the end there was a very high level of concentration and the work was rich and clear throughout. All of our senses were so heightened that sometimes I wanted to pinch myself because I could not believe the beautiful, powerful and sensitive work that I was experiencing. I would definitely like to work with Stephanie Skura again as she was a constant inspiration and I feel I have only scratched the surface in terms of her knowledge and ability to deliver a concept and task effortlessly without ever being overpowering or to dominate." Kirstie Richardson, Choreographer, Teacher, Performer, London

"You are revolutionary- helping to free us all from the confines of our own minds to the freedom of our consciousness." Laurel Tentindo, Teacher, Dancer , Choreographer, Los Angeles