Travelog (1986)

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A collaboration with video artist Terry Moyemont, with large-screen pre-recorded & live video intricately related to live performance. This work is about traveling & the kinds of experiences, dreams, emotions, anxieties, & revelations that traveling elicits. Video narratives in unlikely locations are intertwined with the dance.

Created in collaboration with cast members Benoit Lachambre, Brian Moran, Moyemont, Skura, & Debra Wanner.

Performed at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; Santa Barbara Museum of Art; New Performance Gallery, San Francisco; Pyramid Art Center, Rochester, NY; Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY.

“Compellingly eccentric, unsparingly propulsive post-modern athleticism, delivered with nothing held back…demonstrating that dancing can bring personal transcendance.” Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times


"A fantasia of unswerving logic, resistant to authority, & full of the humor & seriousness of its own images." Carol Martin, High Performance


"An artful combination of dance, drama, crazy comedy & video. Skura's work is coming out of a very contemporary & collaborative style. Although they are highly trained dancers, they're not of the pointed toe & pose variety. Their bodies are loose & flowing with momentum. They get in & out of the floor with the same ease that they get into the air. Their movement is intense & easy to watch. Marvelous...hilarious....delightful...outrageous." Santa Barbara News

"It reminded me of what I love about your work -- watching these antic little people that you have interest & affection for." Stephen Greco