Quack Pianist (continually revised, 1979-84)

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As a dancer, pianist, & dance accompanist for several years, I became interested in composed piano music in which sound was determined by movement of the fingers, hands, arms, and, eventually the entire body.

I composed three works, all specifically structured improvisations. The first involved finger-movements alone. The second involved hands, fists, elbows, arms. The third took all this to its natural extension - playing the piano with my entire body, talking to it, relating to it - the culmination of a life-long relationship with the piano. This work integrated dance, theater, & music. The emerging sounds I called 'manual electronic music'.

Performed in New York City at The Kitchen, WOW Festival, Ear Inn, Cunningham Studio, Club 57, Theater for the New City, NYU Guest Artist Series, Stonybrook College Experimental Theater Festival, 20 N Moore Studio, Charlemagne Palestine's Studio, and in many video adaptations by video artist Terry Moyemont.


Quack on the Roof

Quack on Roof Plays Moving Piano 1

Quack on Roof Plays Moving Piano 2

"She might easily break through into a whole new kind of music if she keeps working at it." Tom Johnson, Village Voice

"Unusually affecting music...there was an innocent freshness to her work." Robert Palmer, New York Times

"I've never seen a performer so committed to the moment" Art Kempf, Director, Well-Diggers Experimental Theater Festival

"Wonderful - that is the way it feels sometimes, and I always loved you in tails and Converse" Bob Telson

"I liked it and I usually hate piano concerts." Michael Kirby, RIP, Editor, Drama Review