Artbusiness (1984)

┬ęDona Ann McAdams

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A performance about the politics of performance. Commissioned for the series "Art & Social Commentary" at P.S. 1 in Queens, NY, 1984. Conceived & directed by Stephanie Skura.

Created in collaboration with the performers: Lenora Champagne as onstage critic getting it wrong again & again (she & Stephanie wrote the reviews & previews together); Nina Martin as the other choreographer, creating duets with Skura with versions before & after funding; Mark Russell as himself but more so when running PS 122, always on the phone trying to interest critics & funders, with side-trips to sweep the floors & fix the broken toilets, dodging artists flirting with him to get shows at PS 122; David White as himself but more so when running DTW, telling Skura to 'shit or get off the pot' after offering her a performance slot she thinks is for amateurs; and Stephanie Skura. Skura was awarded an inaugural "Bessie" Award that year, for this & another work created that season.

Video by Lucy Sexton, photos by Dona Ann McAdams.


Video of Artbusiness (34 min)


"Stephanie Skura's work should never be missed. Like the best satires, you were never really sure whether to laugh or cry. A gem. God bless her!” William Harris (RIP), East Village Eye